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Game of the Year #4 – Rocket League

Featuring regular free updates alongside refreshing DLC with new cars and other aesthetics. Whether playing on my own or with my nephew, Rocket League was a very fun game. The game was somewhat shallow in its offline options with a rather straightforward and somewhat vapid. With that caveat out of the way, Rocket League may be the most fun game you will play this year or any year.

Soccer with cars seems stupid, right? Boy, was I wrong. Boosting through the air to score a goal from midfield maximizes your goal scoring potential and significantly increases the amount of congratulations you get from teammates spamming “Wow!” as you race around the field after the goal. Try your best to stop some of the better players from scoring in goal as the car goalie. Rush into the goal after scoring to get bounced back by the explosion of the ball.

Each aspect of Rocket League is made to maximize the amount of fun you have on the pitch and it excels at it. Play online with friends or strangers. Play offline with friends and bots. This game is special and caught me by complete surprise, but it is among my favorites of this year. For this, Rocket League is my no. 4 game of the year.

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