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Game of the Year #5 – Dying Light

Do not under any means go out at night. I mean, unless you want those bonus experience points and the exhilarating experience of running away from these zombies and escaping into a safe zone of UV light. Dying Light was absolutely my favorite zombie game this past year and maybe ever (no, I don’t think The Last of Us is a zombie game in the same sense).

Featuring a fun play style mixing first person mechanics and parkour along with a terrifying day-night cycle, Dying Light kept you on your toes from start to finish. The story fell into some tropes of the genre and some things you could see coming, but the actual gameplay is so good you will overlook much of this. You can even play with friends and put it all together for a fun time of bashing zombie heads in.

Tie those nails to that bat and run some electrical wire around it to cause maximum carnage for Dying Light at no. 5 on my game of the year list.

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