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Game of the Year #1 – Batman Arkham Knight (spoilers below)

I know; the Batmobile was seemingly overused. The games combat system was made even more complex than it already was. The system’s mechanics felt so familiar as almost to feel stale at times. With all of those things said, Batman Arkham Knight was an awesome, awesome, awesome game. **Spoilers** The appearance of the Joker and the way they explain his appearance is great. All of the other batman villains and apprentices appearances are also clever and well produced. If anything, the game needs more of those kinds of interactions, but in true Batman fashion, he chooses to go on his own to save the city.

Batman Arkham Knight has a sequence of events you cannot replicate anywhere else with a sense of scale you cannot find in other open world games outside of the other superhero game, Infamous Second Son. Take off in the Batmobile towards your destination, tear through the streets and blow up the enemy tanks, the enemies are on the roof ahead, fire yourself out of the Batmobile, jet through the air towards the enemies, beat them all up in signature style, run off the edge, call the Batmobile to you and land back inside.

You cannot do this kind of thing in any other game from this year, and you do not even have to head to the top of a ton of watchtowers to open everything up. It all happens in game and the cutscenes are virtually seamless. Batman Arkham Knight is well worth your time and your patience, and it is my game of the year. (I did not try to buy it on PC, obviously).