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NBA 2K16 Da Dream Spike Lee
NBA 2K16 Da Dream Spike Lee /

Game of the Year #2 – NBA 2K16

New modes? Check. New gameplay systems? Check. Better character models and physics? Check. Return of online leagues? Check. A genre-bending level of community interaction? Check. NBA 2K16 does everything for you. They have an in-game tv show where you can check out what other players across the 2Kverse are doing. That is insane, if you think about it. Your created player can turn on tv in the game and watch a special show made specifically for 2K players.

You can relocate your franchise. You can create your own colorways for your team and have more in-depth control over players and interactions than ever. Not to mention, the career mode has an interesting twist. The story may be a bit more underwhelming than originally sold, but the way it intertwines in the back of MyCareer mode is spectacular.

There’s so much to say about NBA 2K16, and all of them are glowing. The best sports franchise in video games was made even better this year, and it was no. 2 on my game of the year list.

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