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2015 Gaming Odds & Ends Awards – “Proof Early Access Isn’t Always Hot Garbage” of the Year: Darkest Dungeon

What makes Red Hook Studios a double winner in this category is that Darkest Dungeon also started as a Kickstarter gaming project back in February of 2014. Over the course of the following year, development continued to a boiling point where it was possible to release in an Early Access form on Steam. After just a year from obtaining their first fan-funded dollar, backers, YouTubers and fans alike were able to get their hands on the medieval strategy RPG.

Developed much in the stated nature of an Early Access game, the playable build of Darkest Dungeon grew and grew into a much larger state. In fact, the balance of the difficult Roguelike nature of the game skewed towards an even harder experience, due to the fans demanding an even more punishing challenge. As months went on, more quests, character classes, gameplay options and even playable maps opened up, progressing slowly but surely over the past year.

Finally, we reach the pinnacle of what an Early Access should actually strive for; full release completion in a timely manner! On January 19th, players can expect to enjoy the full version of Darkest Dungeon, including the final playable area of the game. By keeping fans informed, valuing their input when balancing the game’s difficulty and by sticking to a fair, but arduous development schedule, Red Hook Studios has brought some real legitimacy to the Early Access platform. Take note, most other Early Access games!

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