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2015 Gaming Odds & Ends Awards – Studio of the Year: CD Projekt RED

On multiple fronts, CD Projekt RED absolutely nailed the “best kind of game developer” targets. First off, they launched The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with 16 pieces of planned, pre-meditated, free DLC. Second, their two sets of paid content were explained weeks ahead of launch, with breakdowns of expected prices and how many hours’ worth of content would be in it. So far, Hearts of Stone has lived up to that benchmark. Third, they produced a video game that is far and away the consensus 2015 Game of the Year winner.

Finally, and most importantly, CD Projekt RED has done it all with class.

The above “Thank You” note, which comes included in physical copies of The Witcher 3, says it all. Not only was it more than necessary, but it shows how much dedication and love CD Projekt RED has for the fans that got them to that third and fateful game in Geralt’s story. Despite a large number of fans turning their attention towards the series for the first time, you get an eye-opening peak into the kinds of people you’re supporting when you choose to play The Witcher 3. For that, they deserve mad props.

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