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2015 Gaming Odds & Ends Awards – Best Soft Shreds: Applied Dynamics, Drift Stage

If Kickstarter is notorious for anything with its gaming projects, it’s that they will heavily bank on the fans’ nostalgia for “gaming in its prime.” Whether that time is the early 90’s, mid 90’s, late 90’s or even the year 2000, you need to tailor aspects of your game to what people are willing to want to buy into. Thankfully, Drift Stage saw past that and have been working the ground swell for their gaming project the old fashion way: by posting short gifs on Tumblr in the year-long lead-up of asking fans for money.

If you want to sell a tubular, radical 90’s-style drifting game, however, you really need a bitchin’ soundtrack. Thankfully, Hugh Myrone was ready for such an occasion with a host of synth-rock instant classics prepped for the Kickstarter’s January 9th, 2015 launch. While the main theme and 峠 RUN were instant bangers, the real magic lies in Applied Dynamics. In it, you get a wonderful palette of synthesizers, funky slap bass, ripping guitar solos and a hype-inducing burst of magical rock energy throughout.

With that, the “soft shred” was born. As such, the best case of such music in a video game soundtrack will be honored at each year’s awards. Here’s to a smooth 2016 release of Drift Stage, and here’s to more instant classics from MYRONE et al!

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