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Rebekah’s Game of the Year – #5: Yoshi’s Woolly World

My review.

I didn’t think anything could possibly top the cuteness of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse…but then Yoshi spun on in. Positively squee-worthy in every way, Yoshi’s Wolly World effectively combines solid gameplay, cleverly hidden secrets, and a plethora of challenges with an aesthetic that will melt the hardest of hearts. I loved it!

All of Yoshi’s friends have been turned into skeins of yarn, and it’s up to him to track down the responsible party (Kamek, of course) while rescuing them along the way. There are six worlds, with eight levels per world, broken up by a miniboss at the end of level 4 and a world boss at the end of 8. Each level has plenty of platforming challenges for even seasoned platforming veterans, but the game is fairly simple to complete on its own. The challenge lies in finding the numerous collectables hidden around each world. Some are in plain sight; others require a bit of careful observation; still others are invisible unless you just happen to float over the right spot. None of them are mandatory, though, so if you’re struggling, it’s best to just skip and come back later. An easier mode with winged Yoshi is accessible any time, even mid-level, for those who don’t want to be frustrated while looking at such cute yarn creatures.

Designed to appeal to a wide range of age groups and skill levels, Yoshi’s Woolly World is sure to be an enjoyable experience for nearly anyone. Though I’ve finished the game, I’ll likely return to it with my younger siblings or friends in the future to revisit the collectables I missed, and make high-pitched noises when I see that adorable yarny dinosaur on my screen once again.

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