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Rebekah’s Game of the Year – #6: Rocket League

Another for the list of pleasant surprises this year was Rocket League. Not normally one for sports games, it took plenty of coaxing from friends before I finally decided to get behind the wheel of a car and smash a ball into a goal, but once I did, I was delighted. Who knew that car soccer could be so addictive?

Rocket League’s just that. Soccer in cars. Except gravity is super wonky and your car will end up doing all kinds of crazy flips off the walls. And you can jump to “kick” the ball harder. And crash into other cars. Post-launch updates have added several game modes that adjust gravity and bounce, and there was even an ice rink for the holiday season.

Matches last five minutes and you can play alone against one other opponent, or with up to three other players against the same amount. All cars handle the same, so there’s no statistical advantage thrown to those who have played longer beyond their experience and skill. But you can decorate your cars with decals, different wheels, and other decorations that are collectable as you play, to show others your skill through style. All this makes it easy to jump into matches, have a crazy fun time, and then jump out with no pressure to play particularly well or to climb some sort of skill ladder.

Rocket League is just one of those games you pick up for pure fun. I look forward to future updates to add more variety to the title, but for now am content returning to it on occasion for high-flying, car-flipping insanity.

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