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Rebekah’s Game of the Year – #10: Telltale’s Game of Thrones

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I admit to never having seen the HBO show, but Martin’s novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has had me hooked since high school. I love the overly-intricate plots, the multiple POVs, and the constant fear of my favorite characters dying in some ghastly and unexpected new way. While Telltale’s addition to the world of Westeros didn’t quite live up to my literary experience, it was still an enjoyable ride. Solid writing throughout helped me fall in love with Mira, Asher, Rodrik, and Gared, and agonize over each decision, no matter how small it seemed. And following four main characters, as opposed to one (as in other Telltale games) helped keep the spirit of the series as well as gave me multiple avenues to save the whole. Action sequences were thrilling and fast-paced, and the voice acting (particularly from Mira) was stellar. Plus, there were several cameos from some of my favorite characters from the novels!

Admittedly, the finale was unsatisfying, but the promise of a 2nd season softens the blow…somewhat. The lack of agency the player has in the ultimate outcome disappointed in a big way. Though the ending left me wishing I’d had more agency, I still find myself excited for the continuation of the story. Whatever flaws the series may have had, I’ve invested a lot of emotion in the fate of the Forresters, and I’ll see them through to the inevitably grisly end.

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