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Staffer Rebekah chooses her Game of the Year 2015 picks.

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Being confined largely to PC and Nintendo consoles really alters one’s perspective on how gaming is going. When going over my Game of the Year listing, I saw games that were, for the most part, cute and colorful. This may speak more to personal taste than console ownership, but I spent a lot of time this year learning exactly how many cute and colorful games there were out there, what separated the good from the bad, but also what “darker” titles had to offer that drew me away from my comfort zone of the pleasant and plush and into harsher environments. It’s a delightfully mixed bag.

2015 saw huge open world games, unique takes on multiplayer competition, tear-jerking storylines, and bold risks that turned into profitable ventures. Looking at my Game of the Year list, it’s evident that while good games excelled at either storytelling or gameplay, the very best games balanced both such that the gameplay enhanced the story being told; in a way it told part of the story on its own. This year I experienced some serious story gems that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

This is my list of what I personally played, and what I enjoyed the most throughout the entirety of 2015. If you have differing thoughts on any games listed in my Game of the Year list, make sure to leave a well-reasoned argument in the comments section at the end. You can also reach me at my Twitter account: @rvaliantine.

With that in mind, here is my list for Game of the Year 2015.

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