Transistor Sells Over One Million Copies Since Launch


Three cheers to Supergiant Games! Not only has their first title, Bastion, sold over three million copies since its 2011 release and been widely praised, they hit another big milestone this year. Supergiant’s most recent title, Transistor, released in May of 2014. Since then, it has sold over one million copies, according to a holiday blog post from the developers.

Transistor is an action-adventure title that tells the story of Red, a singer whose voice has been absorbed into the Transistor, a glowing sword which she uses to fight off the robotic members of the Process and discover what has happened to her city of Cloudbank. The game has been received very positively, and its success is particularly noteworthy compared to Bastion’s since Bastion has been a part of four different bundles since launch, and Transistor has been in none. The developers also noted as shown on NeoGAF that Transistor’s sales numbers also don’t include PSN copies, since the game was free on the service for a month.

As mentioned by a developer on the NeoGAF thread, this success “mostly just means we get to keep going.” Hopefully we’ll see more vibrant, unique offerings from Supergiant in 2016. So far they have Bastion from 2011 and Transistor in 2014, so 2016 seems like a good time for some news out of their studios. Though given the quality of their games, there’s nothing wrong with them taking their time.

Transistor is currently sitting at $3.99 on Steam, making it easily-affordable if you haven’t yet picked it up. It’s short, too, only taking about five hours to finish the main story. It’s also available on iOS and PS4.