Twitch Community Raised 17.4 Million For Charity This Year


The Twitch community’s generosity raised millions for over 55 different charities this year–kudos!

The holidays are often a time when people think of giving to those in need, but the truth is that this generosity is needed year round. So in true Christmas spirit, Twitch is celebrating the generosity of its community throughout the year, by highlighting the charity of its users toward well-deserving groups and organizations in 2015. And they did great.

A post on the official Twitch blog reveals that a total of 17.4 million dollars of charitable donations was raised by the Twitch community in 2015, and given to over 55 different charities. That’s up from 11.1 million dollars in 2014. 25 individual fundraisers raised over $50,000 apiece (up from 12 last year), and over 60 fundraisers raised over $1,000. The biggest earners included Extra Life (Children’s Miracle Network), Games Done Quick (Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders), and St. Jude Play Live (St. Jude). All the money raised was a team effort from various volunteers, streamers, viewers, and friends spreading the word and giving what they could.

There’s more info in this awesome infographic Twitch is distributing to celebrate the success:

Congrats, Twitch community, on making an amazing difference in the world this year. Here’s to an even more successful 2016! If you hadn’t heard of any of these events previously, consider keeping an eye out for things like Extra Life, Games Done Quick, and Twitch’s other charity events in 2016. They’re great ways to simultaneously celebrate games and help those who need it.