Undertale Soundtrack Inspires Successful Cover Album


The Undertale soundtrack is delightful on its own, and now two cover artists are adding their brilliance.

While it may not have the beautiful orchestrations of Ori and the Blind Forest, there’s no denying that the Undertale soundtrack is amazing. It’s no wonder, as Toby Fox is a composer as well as a game developer. The use of leitmotif throughout the game to connect themes to other themes results in an OST of only about six or seven melodies, sped up, slowed down, and with new instrumentation. It’s delightful to listen to on its own, but some famous YouTube musicians are taking it to the next level.

RichaadEB and Ace Waters have been posting covers of Undertale tracks to YouTube for the last few months to great success. RichaadEB’s covers are metal versions of the boss themes, while Ace Waters focuses more on electronic versions of the location themes. The two have combined their talents into an official cover album of Undertale songs, appropriately titled: “Determination”. Toby Fox has given his seal of approval for the album, and it’s up at Bandcamp for $15.

The preview has 24 songs, but purchasing the album unlocks a full 31, and it’s clear that listeners love the covers–Determination hit the #1 Best Seller spot at Bandcamp yesterday and hasn’t dropped since. Notably, the actual Undertale soundtrack is #5.

To give you an idea of what’s on the cover album, here’s “Ruins”, one of the earlier pieces Ace Waters and RichaadEB did together. It’s featured on the album under the title “Ingress”:

If you geek out on game music and haven’t checked out Undertale, it’s worth it just for the soundtrack, though pretty much every other element of the game is worth your attention too.