Steam Winter Sale 2015 Kicks Off Today


The Steam Winter Sale has begun again, with serious discounts on hundreds of titles for the next few weeks.

The Steam Winter Sale 2015 kicked off just a hours ago. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on, Steam offers a huge sale from now until January 4th at 10am PST, with significant discounts on a wide variety of games. They are shaking things up a bit this year, doing away with the oft-complained-about “Daily Deals” and instead offering all discounts throughout, until the end of the sale. This means no more buying a game at a discount only to find it’s even cheaper a few days later. If there are games on your wishlist you’ve been sitting on for awhile, now’s the time to check them out, and perhaps look through recommended games for some new, cheaper titles. There are plenty of big names and popular titles on sale, too:

Of course, those are just the featured deals on the front page. You can search the Steam library and look at hundreds of titles that are on sale for the holidays. The search function is awesome and lets you search by genre or price or title, so if you have your eye on a specific game or are just browsing for something new, it’s easy to find the right game. You can also get three free trading cards each day by exploring your Discovery Queue to find more deals. The Steam Winter Sale is a great time to get gifts for friends or for yourself, or try out games you may never have otherwise picked up.