World Of Warcraft City Guards Celebrate Star Wars


World of Warcraft is getting into the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype with some cosmetic easter eggs.

Star Wars is absolutely everywhere this week, which is great for its squadrons of fans but may be nerve-wracking if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers. The festivity surrounding The Force Awakens is delightful, and is even spreading to some video games…notably, World of Warcraft.

The two factions, Alliance and Horde, each have a primary capital city–Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively. Normally, both cities are patrolled by NPC guards who add flavor and also help defend the city whenever miscreants from the other faction attempt to invade. Normally, these guards carry basic swords, maces, or other in-game weapons. But in celebration of the new Star Wars movie, they’ve seen some alteration this weekend.

From Orgrimmar (via reddit user AngelicSlayer):

And Stormwind (via reddit user admvb):

Look! Lightsabers! And in their respective faction colors, too!

It’s always delightful when World of Warcraft adds goofy little details like that to celebrate real-world events. I know I’ll be stopping by Orgrimmar in the next few days to celebrate the Feast of Winterveil, and I’ll be sure to give a hearty “Lok’tar!” to all the orcish Jedi demonstrating the power of the Force.