In 72 Hours, Bandai Namco Will Reveal…Something


Bandai Namco is hard at work on a mysterious project to be revealed in a few days.

The latest company to create a vague teaser website for an unknown project is Bandai Namco, with a dark, almost creepy webpage that’s nothing but a countdown timer to the unknown. In the background and in the corner are the text and hashtag “Mysteriousgame”, there’s a staticy noise in the background every few seconds, and red/white triangles and circles fade in and out. There’s also this Tweet:

Fan speculation includes everything from Xenosaga to Ridge Racer, and of course it could be a new, totally unknown game. An interesting clue was found by Twitter user @vhestal, though:

The user claims the clue in the source code has since been changed to mask this and was likely a slip-up. Of course, there’s no way to verify that the original image is correct and not a hoax, but if it is accurate, a new God Eater may well be on its way. It would certainly fit the aesthetic and the caption “Can you feel the hunger?” The most recent God Eater title was God Eater Resurrection, released in Japan in October but with no worldwide release.

Follow the clues if you like, but we’ll all know what Bandai Namco is cooking in just a few days!