Super Smash Bros amiibo Collection Soon To Be Complete


New fighters on the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS roster means new Smash Bros amiibo, and today is no exception.

If you’ve somehow managed to keep up with collecting the amiibo for every fighter in Super Smash Bros, your quest may be nearing its end. There are six amiibo that have yet to see their release, and we now have official release dates for three and confirmations for three more, via the Final Smash Direct today.

Roy and Ryu have both been in the game for some time now, but their amiibos are not yet available. It was announced that they would be released on March 18, 2016, along with a special R.O.B. amiibo. R.O.B. is already available as an amiibo, but this special version has him in his original Famicom colors.

It was also confirmed that amiibo for the three new fighters–Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta will eventually be released as well. Their release dates are uncertain currently, but we can likely expect at least Bayonetta and Corrin as late as mid-2016, given production times and their February 2016 release dates. Imaginably, these final three fighters will end up being rare collectables, particularly Cloud and Bayonetta. Nintendo has recently stepped it up with production of rarer amiibos, but there are still some fighters going for high prices on eBay and Amazon. We can only hope that they’ll produce enough of the figures to meet demand this time around.