The 50 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

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#7 – Super Star Wars Series

Developer: LucasArts (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back), Sculptured Software, Realtime Associates (Return Of The Jedi)

Publisher: Various

Release Date: November 1992 (Super Star Wars), June 1993 (Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), June 1995 (Super Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi)

The Super Star Wars series of games were a new, unique take on the Star Wars franchise, emerging as some of the SNES’ most cherished titles. Each game allowed players to interact with many aspects of the Star Wars universe such as swinging a lightsaber, piloting an X-Wing, and controlling all of their favorite Star Wars characters.

Released over a three-year period, each game loosely followed the events of their corresponding films, with simple (albeit difficult) mechanics. The Empire Strikes Back is notable for introducing a range of new features, including the ability to utilize force powers as Luke Skywalker.

Although Return Of The Jedi arguably lost some of the series’ momentum, the Super Star Wars series has retained its popularity over the last 20 years.

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