The 50 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

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#16 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: LucasArts, Electronic Arts

Release Date: December 20, 2011

Returning to the famous series for the first time since working on Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, BioWare went big with Star Wars: The Old Republic, crafting an in-depth MMO which emerged as the most expensive video game of all time at release.

Featuring a vast number of player classes complete with their own expansive storylines, The Old Republic shared many similarities with other popular MMO’s of the time while implementing its own, unique style.

While some may claim that The Old Republic “failed” due to EA’s decision to turn it free to play in November 2012, The Old Republic continues to enjoy a large number of monthly players. Although the game failed to entice players in the same way that massive successes such as World Of Warcraft did, the game has improved significantly over time with a multitude of updates and expansion packs, and remains an excellent Star Wars experience that you really should check out.

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