The 50 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

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#23 – Star Wars (Arcade Game, 1983)

Developer: Atari

Publisher: Atari

Release Date: May 1983

Back in 1983, those who needed their Star Wars fix after the conclusion of the original trilogy could find it in the arcade version of Star Wars. The premise for this game was simple: complete the Death Star run.

This was accomplished by completing a sequence of three stages, and successful completion would result in the game restarting with a higher difficulty level. This structure has led to a number of record attempts over the years, with Flavio Tozzi, Dave Roberts and Mike Ohren amassing a ridiculous score of 1,000,000,012 points as a team over five days, two hours and 26 minutes on a single credit.

The game was later converted for home play, and although its graphics would be considered horrendous by today’s standards, Star Wars’ legacy stands strong to this day.

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