Your PSX 2015 PlayStation VR Lineup

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It wouldn’t be a keynote without VR in this day and age, and today’s PSX keynote certainly had that.  Their VR presentation kicked off with a tech demo that was more of the same that we’ve seen so far. VR is cool to think about, but we’re still years away from it being viable in the kind of games most of us purchase, or even as an affordable option for most people.

The tech demo featured two players standing on opposite ends of the stage throwing discs at one another in VR to score points. They could bounce the discs off the walls and ceiling to score more. It wasn’t terribly pretty or novel, and it didn’t demonstrate the PS VR’s capabilities nearly as well as the games they demonstrated did. It was interesting to watch the two players interact, but they were so far apart that the interaction was rudimentery and not terribly fun.

But that doesn’t mean the games lined up for PS VR (coming sometime in early 2016) were jokes, so here’s the PlayStation VR lineup announced at PSX.

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