PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake Looks Unreal!


Final Fantasy VII… You may have heard of it. It’s a pretty good RPG from the classic Square game makers of the 1990s. As the much anticipated follow up to the classic Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII put together animated cut scenes and 3D renderings in a way rarely seen in video games to that point and is now one of the staples of all the big budget games we see. If you have not heard, they’re remaking the game. Boy, is it a looker!

So today, Sony spoke of the Final Fantasy VII remake again and shared with us an awesome trailer that I will most certainly update this post with as soon as it is available. Cloud is summoning fire in the above screenshot and then launches a power attack with his sword. I am flummoxed! How does this look so different and still look so good!

I never played the original game beyond a few hours. It was years too late. It is very difficult to play some of the older games with their old animations and graphics. BUT THIS THOUGH! THIS THOUGH!

All new voice acting. All new live orchestrated soundtrack. All new graphics and animations added for each kind of attack! FULL 3D ENVIRONMENTS! This game looks amazing. It doesn’t just look great for Final Fantasy VII, it looks great for all of games being released today! This is insane.

Oh and if you can’t wait for the remake, the remastered PC Version of the Final Fantasy VII is available today on PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will make its console debut on PS4 as well, but no word on whether it is coming all platforms or just PC. We will keep you up to date on this. It just… It looks so awesome!