PSX 2015: F.A.N.G Joins The Street Fighter V Roster


Welcome a brand new Street Fighter character into the mix, F.A.N.G. Looking a little bit like he belongs in the Spy vs. Spy SNL short films, F.A.N.G. seems to be a mix of a long range and quick combo character to add to the mix of characters in Street Fighter V.

Also announced today was the confirmation of the 6 characters which would be added to the game in the first year of content. The developers even coyly mentioned how we already knew about it, but they figured it would be best to confirm them.

Those characters are Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, and Urien. Still no images of them yet, but I am sure this information will be forthcoming as we near the launch of Street Fighter V on PS4 next year.

Also confirmed, you can earn all of those players in game using gameplay rewards. For those who would like to have those characters as soon as they launch, they have two options: Play Street Fighter V like a mad person or they can purchase the season pass on the Playstation Store.

The Street Fighter V season pass is available today online for pre-order and F.A.N.G. will be available at launch!