The latest expansion to Destiny will be free for those who bought Destiny: The Taken King, a very worthy expansion of the game released this past September. While the game feature a new environment, a few new multiplayer modes, and some new sub classes, there was not a significantly new way to play the game. You had new abilities, but the basics of the game were the same.

Enter the new Sparrow Racing League. On December 8, 2015, players who purchased Destiny: The Taken King will get to take place in a brand new sparrow racing league. You know what I’ve always wanted to do in Destiny? Race the sparrows. You know what I do while playing Destiny with friends? I Race Sparrows.

You know what sounds like a great and fun idea?! RACING SPARROWS! For those who are not initiated in the Destiny world. Your Sparrow is like a hover ATV you roll through the various worlds of Destiny in. While not available to use everywhere, the sparrow is a really fun way to get around.

You can now turn Destiny into Guardian Kart. I am so looking forward to this expansion when it launches. I only wish I had more time to be able to play it an everything else I have gotten this fall. What’s the solution? Skip work, right? Who needs work?!

Destiny Sparrow Racing League arrives for free to Destiny: The Taken King owners on December 8 of this year.