The Game Awards 2015: Rock Band VR Announced


Harmonix and Oculus teamed up for an unexpected announcement of Rock Band VR at The Game Awards 2015.

After a video skit that put Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos and Oculus founder Plamer Luckey as “rockers-in-training” with Dragon Force, we got the surprise announcement of Rock Band VR.

There was only a small slice of gameplay shown (gameplay starts around 2:00), but it looks to take the rock experience even further than the stage kit ever could, with a full VR experience through Oculus Rift.

The VR partnership is a direct challenge to Guitar Hero Live, which gave players an on-stage experience through pre-recorded video this fall.

The Oculus Rift is launching Q1 2016, with Rock Band VR launching sometime in 2016.