Satoru Iwata Remembered At The Game Awards 2015


Satoru Iwata was remembered at this year’s Game Awards

Taking a break from all the awards and trailers, the Game Awards took a few minutes to reflect on the passing of one of not only Nintendo’s but video game’s biggest icons, Satoru Iwata.

Satoru Iwata passed away earlier this year from complications from a bile duct tumor, and although there was news of him being ill, the sudden passing was a huge shock to the video game world at large.

After a brief video package, Reggie Fills-Aime came onto the stage at The Game Awards to say a few words about his friend and mentor, he mentioned that Iwata was directly involved in three of the top five selling game systems of all time, and that Iwata was unique. You can check out the segment from The Game Awards right here:

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Satoru Iwata was a gaming icon in the industry for decades, and presumably still had plenty left to contribute as he was only 55 at the time of his passing. Nintendo has many talented people in it’s employ and will of course be able to carry on, but Iwata brought something unique to both Nintendo and the industry at large, and the absence of his presence will forever be missed.