Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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44 – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Gates to Infinity (Nintendo 3DS)

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon titles have all seen mixed reception–they appeal largely to the younger set, but have little to draw veterans of the Pokemon franchise, or of video games in general. Of all the Mystery Dungeon games, though, Gates to Infinity has to be the worst. It added little new gameplay from the prior Mystery Dungeon titles, and dumbed down the basic dungeon crawling so terribly that the end result was just…dull. The usage of augmented reality to create “portals” to new dungeons was gimmicky and added nothing to the game, and the story was a canned rehash of the previous games. At best, one can call Gates to Infinity a functional dungeon crawler with some cute 3D models, but as a Pokemon title, it’s laughable.

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