Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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45 – Pokemon Rumble U – Nintendo Wii U

Pokemon Rumble U is the perfect video game if your sole interests are plastic figurines and button mashing. Sequel to Pokemon Rumble, Rumble U’s gameplay is somehow even more tedious than its predecessors. You take control of a wind-up Pokemon toy and journey through a series of missions, defeating and capturing Pokemon by battling them. Battles consist of using one of your few attacks, all of which have about the same effect and result in button mashing through stages, mowing down whatever happens to stand in your way and picking up whatever it drops. Somehow there manages to be even less variety in Rumble U than in Rumble Blast, its predecessor and mobile counterpart.

Probably the only interesting fact about Pokemon Rumble U was its use of the NFC to scan figurines that allowed you to obtain those Pokemon in-game, similar to Skylanders then and now-amiibo. Availability on these figures was limited, though, so few got to experience the functionality at all.

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