Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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47 – Pokemon Channel (Nintendo GameCube)

After the debacle that was Hey You, Pikachu, it’s baffling to me why Pokemon wanted to do anything even remotely (no pun intended) similar. Somehow, Pokemon Channel improved upon its spiritual predecessor, if only by not being paired with a horribly broken microphone. It’s a game where you literally spend most of your time watching TV, only it’s not real TV, it’s a Pokemon-themed television station with various programs. A news show is included in the lineup that offers some vague semblance of a plot, and you can leave the house to walk around in the grass outside and make Pokemon friends who can watch TV with you. The story revolves around a television show featuring the Pichu Bros, and at several points you step away from the television to further that plot, but there’s just not an awful lot to do in Pokemon Channel beyond watching it play out.

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