Here we are on the cusp of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, and there's a lot to be..."/> Here we are on the cusp of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, and there's a lot to be..."/>

Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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6 – Pokemon Black & White 2 (Nintendo DS)

The true sequels to Black & White, Black & White 2 featured no new mechanics or Pokemon, though they did introduce the Pokemon World Tournament and a continuation of the story from the previous games, showing the changes wrought by the protagonist then, both good and bad. They did everything right that Black & White did plus a little bit more, though they suffered for being somewhat of a rehash and a tad niche, if a main series Pokemon title can be called that. If you hadn’t played Black & White, it was tough to understand the story and meaning behind characters like Biana, Cheren, and N when they reappeared to guide a young Pokemon trainer (much like they had once been) on his or her journey. But for those who saw those friendly faces as old friends, Black & White 2 were a joy to complete, combining recent nostalgia for the colorful Unova region with appropriate changes over time in a similar fashion to how Gold & Silver transformed Kanto over three years.

Ultimately, B&W2’s draw (aside from being a new story in the already-fabulous world of B&W) was their longevity. DLC and online support continued for these games for several years. And between the Pokemon World Tournament, BlackTower or White Treehollow, and some of the highest leveled trainer battles yet, Pokemon B&W2 served as an appropriate final hurrah to main series Pokemon as we knew it, before its brilliant transformation on the 3DS.

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