Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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11 – Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)

It’s hard to believe a simple game of “Tetris Attack” themed around Pokemon could be so darn fun, but Pokemon Puzzle Challenge stands as one of the best GameBoy titles ever. Released a fair time after Gold & Silver, the goal of the game is to defeat the gym leaders from the Johto region…in puzzle battles. Blocks continuously rise from the bottom of the screen, and by switching around two at a time the player must create rows of matching blocks to clear them before the screen fills. Now, we probably all have some version of this game on our phones, but at the time, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge was insanely fun.

Distinct from Tetris Attack, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge featured Pokemon characters, an excellent soundtrack, and multiples game modes to keep you playing for hours. Marathon, Challenge, Time Zone, LineClear, Puzzle, and Garbage all offered unique and challenging ways to play, and Puzzle Challenge also featured multiplayer capabilities for competitive play, along with a Training Mode. Well-polished, playable for hours on end, and extremely fun, Pokemon Puzzle Challenge stands as the best of Pokemon’s spin-off titles to this day.

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