Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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48 – Hey You, Pikachu! (Nintendo 64)

I admit I surprised myself by not ranking this at the very bottom. Hey You, Pikachu! has just enough “so bad it’s funny” cred to bump itself up a few spots. Every once in awhile, a streamer picks this game up again, and we can all spend a few hours giggling as he or she screams at Pikachu to pick up an item, only to have him promptly drop it and trot off.

Yes, this was that weird game for the N64 where you could “control” a Pikachu by giving it voice commands. You and Pikachu could hang out together, complete tasks for Professor Oak, and explore fields and forests full of friendly wild Pokemon. There was a set “campaign” of tasks to complete, after which Pikachu would stick around and you could openly explore the areas you’d already been to, though there was nothing new to do after that. The concept sounds adorable, but unfortunately, the technology just wasn’t there at the time, resulting in frustrating failure for anyone trying to get Pikachu to do…well, anything.

It really stinks that this game did so badly, because with the technology we have now, a voice-commanded Pikachu could actually be really darn cool.

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