Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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14 – Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo DS)

As an “enhanced” version of Diamond & Pearl, Platinum is nearly as weak as Yellow, adding little new content worth shelling out another $40 for after either Diamond or Pearl was purchased. To Gen 4, Platinum offered a Wi-Fi Plaza that, while fun to use if you could connect, still suffered from the limitations of the DS’s Internet. The two most notable additions from DP were the Battle Frontier and the Distortion World. The former we had already seen in Pokemon Emerald and Crystal, and the latter was just an extra dungeon, albeit a cool one. Platinum, like the other enhanced titles, was only as good as Diamond & Pearl gave it the capacity to be, and though technically “better” ranks lower because it did little new or distinct. At the time, if you already owned one of the other Gen 4 titles, you only picked up Platinum if you were a very serious fan.

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