Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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15 – Pokemon Stadium (Nintendo 64)

The epic battle continues! Or, rather, it started here–Pokemon Stadium was the first of the console Pokemon battling titles, and was brilliant for its time. Featuring a Stadium mode that allowed you to transfer Pokemon from Red, Blue, and Yellow and battle them in 3D with your friends or NPC trainers, there were also challenges against Gym Leaders and a final face-off with Mewtwo for a single player campaign. Players could also rent Pokemon if they didn’t have their own. Winning certain matches rewarded the player with “prize” Pokemon transferable back to the handheld games, and included rarities such as starters and the fossil Pokemon.

Pokemon Stadium also featured mini games that were surprisingly enjoyable, even if a few were pretty much impossible and some were downright weird. Clefairy Says was a memory game, there was a Rattata race and a game where you played as a Metapod or Kakuna and had to “Harden” at the right time before getting hit by a boulder. The mini games, like the Stadium mode, could be played alone or with friends, further fostering the community spirit Pokemon games have always been well-known for.

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