Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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18 – Pokemon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64)

Pokemon Puzzle League is essentially the same game as another Nintendo title, Tetris Attack, where players must match blocks as they are constantly added to clear them from the board by switching the places of two adjacent blocks at a time. It’s a game we’d now expect to see on our iPhones (and there’s quite a few spin-off titles that follow a similar formula now), but was well-received at the time for being a fun and challenging diversion on a console. Pokemon Puzzle League treats each puzzle as a Pokemon battle, and features multiple characters from the (at the time popular) Pokemon anime. There are 16 total playable characters in multiplayer mode, though you’re stuck as Ash Ketchum for single-player. A Very Hard and Super Hard mode are available for an added challenge, with an extra boss at the end to unlock a different ending.

Puzzle League was praised for its improved processing power and smarter AI over Tetris Attack, making the game smoother to play and easier to practice, but also more challenging and interesting in its harder modes. Though a bit obsolete now, Pokemon Puzzle League was innovative and fun in its time.

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