Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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21 – Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64)

Throwing the Pokemon from Gold, Silver, and Crystal into the Stadium mix was an excellent choice on Nintendo’s part, given the success of both the first Stadium game and Generation 2. A campaign with four stadium cups that could be fought in either with rental Pokemon or with Pokemon transferred from Gold, Silver, or Crystal made up the bulk of the single player campaign. You’ll meet the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Rival, and Champion from those games and battle them in 3D glory, with extra challenge modes if you decide that the first round was a little too easy.

There’s also the requisite multiplayer mode where you can battle against your friends using regular or special tournament rules, and a new set of minigames featuring the new generation of Pokemon that are not only cute and fun, but considerably less frustrating than the minigames in the original Pokemon Stadium. Players can transfer their Pokemon from the handheld titles into the minigames, too, to increase their Happiness stat in the main titles. With all these improvements, Pokemon Stadium 2 turned out to be everything we needed from such a direct and immediate sequel.

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