Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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49 – Pokemon Dream Radar (Nintendo 3DS)

It’s crazy how many bizarre spin-off titles Pokemon has managed to spawn. Pokemon Dream Radar isn’t the weirdest, but it’s in there. In this 3DS game, you team up with Professor Burnet, who wants you to investigate a strange place called the Interdream Zone. In it, you must capture Dream Pokemon using the 3DS’s augmented reality technology to shoot orbs at clouds that may contain Pokemon. This was accomplished by pointing the 3DS in a direction and pushing A. Captured Pokemon can later be transferred to Pokemon Black and White 2.

As a utility game for those who needed to fill out the Pokedex, Pokemon Dream Radar probably served some use. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t very fun…though, for $2.99, it’s hard to expect very much.

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