Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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23 – Pokemon Art Academy (Nintendo 3DS)

The Art Academy series has done well on both Wii U and 3DS, making excellent use of the touch screen controls on both devices and the mobility offered by the latter to teach budding artists the fundamentals, and give skilled artisans another medium for their craft. Pokemon Art Academy is simpler, catering to its likely younger audience, but contains the tools for experts, too. Those who pick up the title can trace outlines, follow step-by-step instructions to draw their favorite Pokemon, or free form draw anything they want, all while learning interesting facts about the Pokemon and their universe. Sharing capabilities over Wi-Fi are as excellent as they should be. Plus, Nintendo continuously updates the title with new, free patterns to draw from, so it’s worth returning to the title once in awhile.

Overall, Pokemon Art Academy excels at what it does. Though its market is a bit niche (lovers of both Pokemon and visual arts), those who fall into that demographic will find just about everything they could possibly want from the title.

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