Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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25 – Pokemon Pinball (Game Boy Color)

Only Pokemon could manage to take a well-known classic like Pinball and somehow make it about collecting monsters. Yes, Pokemon Pinball is also about catching all 151, accomplished by hitting specific bumpers a certain amount of times within a time limit. Evolution is also possible and the only way to collect certain species–you must already own the basic version of the Pokemon and attempt to evolve it by hitting certain bumpers. There is both a Red pinball machine and a Blue one, and several “locations” are available with different Pokemon up for capture in each.  It even included a rumble feature to give it a real pinball feel, even though the rumble heavily drained the system’s battery.

It all sounds weird, but in practice it was pretty fun and a novelty at the time. They made a Ruby & Sapphire version of Pokemon Pinball later on that was even better, improving on the base laid by the original in a multitude of ways. It’s a shame that more Pokemon Pinball titles weren’t made. It’s a game that would go great on the Nintendo 3DS or mobile.

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