Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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30 – Pokemon Trozei (Nintendo DS)

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already read several entries about various Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Battle Trozei titles. Pokemon Trozei, the original, is this most basic version of these titles and actually the best, stacking up to be a fun handheld minigame in the same way that Pokemon Pinball and the TCG were enjoyable diversions before such spin-offs turned into freemium eShop titles. Move Pokemon blocks left and right to create matches and clear the board as more Pokemon blocks fall. Don’t let the screen fill up, and clear the requisite amount to move on.

Pokemon Trozei actually had a basic storyline directed by its play modes: Research, Storage, Phobos Mobiles, and Mr. Who’s Den. The protagonist must ultimately defeat the Phobos Battalion in Trozei, to stop them from stealing Poke Balls and creating a secret weapon. More Pokemon can be captured and obtained throughout the game. There’s also a Hard Mode, Endless Mode, and Forever Mode for added challenge once the campaign is complete.

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