Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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32 – Pokemon Battle Trozei (Nintendo 3DS)

Similar to Puzzles & Dragons, Pokemon Battle Trozei is a puzzle title based on Pokemon weaknesses and strengths of type, where players must create groups of three or more Pokemon on a grid in order to combat opposing ones, and eventually capture them. All known Pokemon are present and capturable in-game, though some may prove more elusive than others. A multiplayer mode allows co-op with up to four friends who also have the title.

It’s actually very similar to Pokemon Shuffle, but isn’t a freemium game. It’s still fairly cheap, though, so apart from the fact that you can play it as much as you want once you paid for the title, there’s not much to distinguish it from Shuffle, the more recent version. Shuffle introduced some new mechanics, such as mega evolution, but most of its fun is still locked behind paywalls, so Battle Trozei earns the higher ranking.

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