Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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50 – My Pokemon Ranch (Nintendo Wii)

Consider yourself lucky if you don’t remember the joke of a game that was Pokemon Ranch. This title didn’t know if it was a storage app or an actual game, tried to be both, and failed at everything. Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl could be transferred to My Pokemon Ranch and stored there–up to 1500. You could then interact with your Pokemon using your Mii. Trainers with Diamond or Pearl could trade Pokemon with Hayley, the keeper of My Pokemon Ranch, and a few rare Pokemon were only obtainable in DP this way. But the game also had features seemingly intended to attract those without Diamond or Pearl, such as offering six new Pokemon to trainers without any to transfer. What people were meant to do with those six Pokemon is anyone’s guess, as “interaction” amounted to watching their ugly, blocky models pose and look around.

Regardless of whether you had DP or not, it’s hard to see My Pokemon Ranch as anything other than a really loud background for your Wii. There was no gameplay and no meaningful action. It was storage attempting not to be storage, and failing miserably. Fortunately, Pokemon has since kept app functions as apps, and My Pokemon Bank is much better.

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