Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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33 – Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Nintendo DS)

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of the more recent Pokemon spin-offs simply should not have had sequels, and the Pokemon Ranger series is one of those. Guardian Signs is an RPG like the other Pokemon Ranger titles that is primarily defined by capturing Pokemon using the stylus. Drawing circles repeatedly around a Pokemon on the touch screen will capture it, but Pokemon can also use attacks to break the circle and drain the “styler” of its energy, eventually forcing the player to reload. Guardian Signs redefined the gameplay slightly by allowing the use of its titular item to make Pokemon easier to capture. Draw a Guardian Sign to summon a legendary Pokemon, and that Pokemon will aid you.

When described, this sounds unique, but in practice it was quite repetitive. Coupled with a cheesy, dull storyline and a Pichu playing a ukelele, and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs fits comfortably into its mediocrity. This title is more likely to be enjoyed by younger players who will enjoy the mellow plot and simple mechanics, but just isn’t compelling enough to be called great.

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