Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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35 – PokePark Wii – Pikachu’s Adventure (Nintendo Wii)

While playing with his friends one day, our pal Pikachu falls through a hole into a world with no humans, only Pokemon. Now trapped in the PokePark, he must stop a crisis from occurring due to the shattering of the Sky Prism, a stone that keeps the PokePark safe. Pikachu must travel through the PokePark’s various zones and complete Attractions in each one to obtain the shattered fragments of the Sky Prism. Pikachu’s not alone, though. He can befriend other Pokemon by playing games with them, enabling their use in the Attractions. Each Pokemon has a special ability that can make different Attractions easier or more difficult through their strategic use.

PokePark Wii is adorable, and the attractions and skill games are moderately fun. Its storyline has all the simplicity and cheese one would expect from a Pokemon spin-off title, but given the focus on the minigames, the story’s faults can be overlooked. PokePark Wii also features a photo mode hearkening back to Pokemon Snap, and secret passwords that unlocked legendary Pokemon. PokePark is not brilliant, but it’s cute and amusing and moderately entertaining.

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