Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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36 – Pokemon Rumble World (Nintendo 3DS)

After the dismal reception of the previous Pokemon Rumble titles, you’d think they’d know when to quit. Fortunately, Pokemon Rumble actually improves from being turned into a freemium title. The sequel to Pokemon Rumble, Rumble U, and Rumble Blast, Rumble World drops you into a world populated by wind-up Pokemon toys, where you must battle and collect Pokemon as a representative for the King of Toys. Gameplay is simple: you take control of a Pokemon and use its one or two moves to attack, defeat, and collect Pokemon and currency in various Pokemon habitats, unlockable over time or by paying for them with in-game cash. More currency can be purchased with real money, of course, as well as cosmetic items for your characters and secret areas. Pokemon Rumble World is solid for something free from the eShop, and there’s enough gameplay for those who don’t want to spend their real money to make it worth having on your 3DS if you have the space. Obviously, though, you get what you pay for–beyond smacking Pokemon in the face and collecting more of them, there’s not much to do. But, at least it’s (mostly) free!

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