Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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41 – Pokemon Rumble (Nintendo Wii)

The title that kicked off the Pokemon Rumble series of spin-offs, Pokemon Rumble appeared on the Wii’s downloading service, Wii Ware, and probably was less popular as a result. If you never saw it, you weren’t missing much. It plays just like the other Pokemon Rumble titles. You take control of a Pokemon toy that battles other Pokemon toys by running into them with their attacks. Pokemon can rank up over time by defeating more opponents, and other Pokemon can be captured. Three other players can join the fight to take down Boss version of Pokemon. Defeating more Pokemon unlocks even more to fight and capture, but the difficulty of the game doesn’t actually increase, since your power level increases as you go and there’s really only one type of gameplay. There’s a “story mode” as well, but it doesn’t contain much of anything that would qualify as a story. Just a series of button-mashy battles.

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