Top 50 Pokemon Games Of All Time

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42 – Pokemon Bank (Nintendo 3DS)

Like the Pokedex 3D Pro, Pokemon Bank is more app than game. It’s worth noting here though for the wonderful utility it adds to main series Pokemon titles for serious collectors. Pokemon Bank is exactly what it sounds like– a storage space for your Pokemon above and beyond what the PC offers in any of the games, allowing Pokemon to be deposited and withdrawn at any time. It’s also useful as a transfer tool and was the primary method used by many to get their teams from Black&White/Black&White2 to X/Y and ORAS. That’s right: it’s compatible with all of those titles, unprecedented in a series traditionally saddled with agonizing transfer methods from one generation to the next. It’s an app, rather than a game, but it’s ranked higher than, say, My Pokemon Ranch for fulfilling a useful service and not trying to be a poor excuse for an interaction tool. It also has a much smoother interface and is compatible with more titles.

Pokemon Bank runs on a subscription service: $4.99/year. But if your goal is to Catch ’em all (we’re well over 700 mons now), you’re going to need all that extra storage. If only for the 50 Zigzagoons you got over Wonder Trade.

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