Japanese Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Off Skull Kid


It was confirmed over a month ago that

Skull Kid would be joining the roster of Hyrule Warriors


for Nintendo 3DS–a popular addition, especially given this year’s release of the Majora’s Mask remake and its extreme popularity and flood of merchandise. At the time, we only had that confirmation–no footage or visuals. Now, a recent Japanese trailer for the game shows off Skull Kid’s moves in action:

Skull Kid is appropriately creepy in Hyrule Warriors Legends, using his two fairies Tael and Tatl for his basic attacks, then blowing up large portions of the battlefield with shadowy bursts and trapping his enemies in a sort of dark rune on the ground before detonating it. All of this is accompanied by his signature, terrifying laughter…over and over again. Oh yeah, and he can also throw the huge, scary-faced moon at you, though admittedly it’s not as looming and gigantic as it was in-game. Watching his gameplay, I’m not sure whether playing as Skull Kid would be really awesome or shiver inducing. But that’s Skull Kid’s vibe, and the vibe of the game he represents, so it works well.

Skull Kid will appear, along with Tetra, King, Toon Link, and Linkle in Hyrule Warriors Legends for Nintendo 3DS on March 25, 2016. No word yet on whether or not these new characters will be available on the Wii U version at some later date.

h/t: Game Informer