Star Fox Zero Firing Up For Spring 2016 Release


After considerable delay, today’s Nintendo Direct has finally provided a release date for their long-awaited, high-flying, animals-in-space, scrolling shooter title, Star Fox Zero. Star Fox Zero will land on the Wii U at last on April 22, 2016. The announcement came complete with a trailer, but if you were expecting a gameplay trailer with epic space battles like the ones you’ll see if you purchase the game…you’re going to be sorely disappointed:

Actual gameplay was shown in the Direct, including focuses on the Arwing with its Walker ability for ground-based combat, the Landmaster tank and its flying form, the Gravmaster, and the Gyrowing with its helper robot, Direct-i. The Direct also mentioned the combination TV-screen/Gamepad gameplay, with different views on each to help you keep an eye on your surroundings…or maybe just confuse you.

The gameplay was nothing surprising, and really not much to go on in terms of how Starfox Zero will turn out. The longer development period should have afforded Nintendo some more time to polish things up, even if right now the graphics still look painfully sparse for the Wii U. We’ll just have to wait til next spring to find out what Fox McCloud and his friends have in store for us.